Photographer Rene Bechard has been capturing the beauty of soap bubbles for close to 10 years now.  She developed her own formula for the soap liquid and process in photographing the bubbles.


Some of the bubbles are captured as a dome and mirrored to create an oval sphere and some are flat landscapes.


The reflected light represents all the colors in the spectrum and the shapes one can see will surely delight your imagination.


You can learn more about Rene and the process by clicking HERE.

This photograph is a great example of finding a recognizable shape.  Can you find The Dancer?


Capturing a shape such as in this image is rare because the soap particles on a bubble can move extremely fast.  Your cameras shutter-speed must be set above 1000th of a second to be able to capture a stop motion image such as this.

This is a beautiful example of a sphere bubble.  The large bubble contained many smaller bubbles within it as well as off to the side of it.  When mirrored and merged together, it creates a lovely image.  What do you see within this sphere bubble?



Please contact me if you are interested in a print or mounted print.  Regarding mounted prints, there are many variables in displaying this art and most prints are very high resolution and can easily accommodate large formats.  It is best to discuss your options.  You are welcomed to reach out to Rene by phone, chat or email.  Information is on our Contact page.




by Rene Bechard